Refined and delicious vegan truffles made by selecting the best qualities of chocolate combined with excellent raw materials that give the palate a unique and unforgettable moment. An explosion of taste that preserves an unexpected crunchiness inside, subsequently wrapped in a delicious finish designed specifically for each recipe . Individually packaged to better preserve the organoleptic properties and structure.

Cremini "piano piano"

Let yourself be conquered by our personal reinterpretation of a great classic, the typical Piedmontese cremino. Four creamy and tasty layers made using the best raw materials, which give the palate a refined and overwhelming flavor. An explosion of taste that recalls the tradition of sweets of the past. Available in 8 delicious notes contained within an elegant box that makes it perfect for both self-consumption and for a precious gift.

Spreadable creams

Spreads our flavorsome spreads are made from carefully selected raw materials and thanks to our mastery of balancing the precious selected ingredients. An irresistible and unique creamy flavor has been created without added aroma... And is ready to spread and enjoy!!

Truffle boules

Delicious truffle boule pralines. A soft filling wrapped in the finest chocolate subsequently truffled. United in one delicious contrast of crunchiness and softness aimed at satisfying the most greedy and demanding palates. Available in different flavors and packaged in elegant reusable glass jars. Everyone’s must try!

Filled chocolate bars

Crunchy and thin bars with sublime and soft filling inside. The shape is designed to be able to comfortably break them into three parts and share more flavors and fillings in company… dedicated to all gluttons. Our range of flavors will delight all palates: from fresh raspberry jam to passion fruit and the classic flavors, such as praline with pistachio and hazelnut, coffee, salted caramel rum, and honey. The tablets are enclosed in a completely recyclable elegant and modern packaging made of paper.


Delicious pralines made with the finest chocolate, combining the crunchiness of nuts and softness of precious citrus fruits. Every bite will give you irresistible nuances of flavors.


Boules pralines whose soft heart is wrapped in thin layers of white and dark chocolate, which are successively candied. the crunchiness and softness are distinctively blended together to give it a delectable taste. offered in four different flavors to try.

Cluster Chocolate Bars

Delicious, thin, and crispy bars, handcrafted with a raw cut. precious and elegant. The best milk and dark chocolate combined with the crunchiness of hazelnut. The two available flavors are a must-try for a precious gift or for pleasant moments of sweetness with the family.

Other delicacies

Other goodies: "Bundamat" chocolate liqueur and prepared for hot chocolate


Thanks to the substances contained in cocoa, chocolate has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, heart, arteries and mood; it also has aphrodisiac and stimulating properties and it contains antioxidants that reduce the effects of oxidative stress. Those who eat chocolate get clear benefits on stress, inflammations, mood, memory and immune system. In short, chocolate is good for the health of body, mind and brain.

HEART AND SKIN: Antioxidant effect. Cocoa is a source of flavonoids, which are famous for reducing cholesterol levels. They also have a protective effect on the whole cardiovascular system (heart in particular) and an anti- effectage on the state of health of the skin and our body, preventing the accumulation of free radicals and premature aging of the skin.
VASCULAR SYSTEM: Anti-hypertensive effect. Cocoa intake is linked to increased production of nitric oxide, a vasodilatory substance which decreases the blood pressure and the risk of incurring diseases that affect the cardiovascular system.
NERVE centreS: It has a real antidepressant and antistress effect. The association of happiness to chocolate is completely correct because consuming chocolate increases the production of serotonin.
BODY: Energizing effect. Chocolate contains several active ingredients from the energizing action such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline that have a stimulating action on the nervous system by increasing concentration and reducing the sense of fatigue.
BRAIN: Memory improvement. A regular consumption of dark chocolate is associated with increased blood flow to the brain and the high content of flavonoids and phosphorus, improves cognitive ability.